Leaving Your Own Legacy, In Work And Life

If you've ever wondered how to leave your mark at work in life, the steps can be simple.

Teri Aulph with Aulph Consulting stopped by KTUL's Good Morning Oklahoma Tuesday to share four ways to build and leave a legacy.

Aulph decided to share these tips in honor of Bill Mitchell, who left an example of excellence and hard work for may of his former coworkers to follow.

"We can all do that," she said. "I think that when you think about excellence every single day, and your own personal best, that has a ripple effect and it flows out to everyone you work with.


1. A Legacy of Excellence - To leave a legacy of excellence; strive to be your best every day. You serve as a role model for your friends and your colleagues. One person in pursuit of excellence raises the standards and behaviors of everyone around them. Your life is your greatest legacy. Set your bar high.

2. A Legacy of Encouragement - You have a choice. You can lift others up or bring them down. Twenty years from now when people think of you what do you want them to remember? Who will you encourage today? Be the person people think of years from now as one who lifted them up.

3. A Legacy of Purpose - People are most energized when they are using their strengths and talents for a purpose beyond themselves. To leave a legacy of purpose, make your life about something bigger than you. When you are guided by a purpose, you are less likely to find yourself on a path to a destination you wouldn't choose.

4. A Legacy of Grace - Remaining poised in grace allows you to maintain emotional control. People trust and listen to those they can rely on to be consistent and strong. Seeing the best in people and accepting others as they are, will always reflect the best in you.

Teri Aulph is a guest contributor of Good Morning Oklahoma. The You're Hired segment airs every other Tuesday during the 6:00am hour.