Legal Action Taken Against Owasso Over Development Deals

As lawsuits go it's a weird one, because one of the key player on the defendant's side agrees with the plaintiff's side.

"We believe that everything was done according to the plans and we believe it was done appropriately, so we do find ourselves in a rather unusual position," said city manager Rodney Ray.

A position that formed after two city councilors, Patrick Ross and Charlie Brown, voted to halt the developments of a vet clinic, a hotel, and a neighborhood subdivision over concerns of alleged dealings between the city manager and a real estate company. A shut down which the plaintiff's say "...was not related to...any legitimate concerns, but was based upon improper motivations."

Councilors Ross and Brown declined interviews. City manager Rodney Ray however, was talking, and described a legal position that won't exactly be fighting for the viewpoints of Ross and Brown.

"We will not be going in there to defend the city of Owasso, we'll be going in there to tell the judge what happened and ask the judge to make a decision on what's right and fair and just for all parties concerned," he said.

And what's right he says, is that developers who follow the rules, should be allowed to develop.

"I think we find ourselves in an unusual position of being a defendant in a lawsuit that we don't actually believe in," he said.