Lessons From Second Graders Regarding Government Shutdown

Here's a question for you. Does what's happening in Congress regarding the partial government shutdown remind you of politicians resembling children? Well, we found two experts to reflect on the shutdown with a rather unique perspective. As we found out, experience is the best teacher.

The arguing back and forth one verbal jab after another, being played out on a world stage and our kids are taking everything in. It's what you might expect among kids at school but in Washington. C'mon.

"They should be ashamed of their self," says 7 year olds, Cheyenne and Cali and second graders at Owen Elementary School. Neither likes to see adults fighting, and members of Congress and the President, well they are not exempt.

"Yea they should be mad at their self they should put their self in the corner. they should be grounded for a whole two weeks.

Trust me, these second graders know a thing or two about disagreements.

"I was just like mean to her all last year. I was punching her kicking her saying get away from me.

And now are you noticing how they insist on sitting in the same chair together.

Cheyenne says, I remember once she punched me like in my stomach and it hurted and I went under the table.

Cali says it didn't end there, and other kids were watching.

"Everybody kept on doing stuff and one day we made our teacher cry for our behavior."

Change came over the summer. Cali had time to think about her behavior and that's when her outlook shifted.
"I was just hoping that Cali would be in my class and my mom was going to change me because she didn't want me to go through it again."

And this year she's getting a tinsy bit naughty, no I'm not, just a little bit, No I haven't. she's playing a joke on me, yeah. are you all best friends. yeah we're best friends now.

Maybe for the politicians in Washington there's hope. After all it happened for two unlike second graders, Cheyenne and Cali. and now look at them.