LIbrary Removes Late Fees For Children

Its going to be chilly this weekend, perfect weather to stay in with your favorite read.

Now the Tulsa County Library is making that easier for families. From now, on there are no late fees, for children's materials. Sound good? Channel 8's Kim Jackson says it's all part of the plan to give youngsters what they need to learn.

The library seems to be an interesting place for teens and for children. For instance teens don't have to sit down and read. All they need are earphones to actually take in a book, with a new device called a Playaway. Its a small player that plays an audio book.

Children and teens might like the high tech aspect, and they might want to get the player and the actual book to follow along, as they improve reading.

Librarians say it's items like that, keeping children coming back to them.

"Every three weeks or so. So we do have a plethora of library books at home.They'll sit and read and then we take them back," said Drew Cains, dad to toddlers, Ryan and Andy.

But taking books back can be a pain and an extra stress for some parents.

"I've actually heard parents say 'No. I don't want you to take more than 2 or 3 because we might not be able to get them back on time;" said librarian Marianne Stambaugh.

Stambaugh. says parents can relax. The Tulsa County library has removed late fees for children's items.

"This way we can say don't worry we know you are gonna get it back, soon enough. A few days won't matter. And we are not charging fines anymore," she says. But that is for children's items only.

This past summer children checked out more than 300-thousand items. Now they can recheck items up to a hundred times as long as there are no waiting lists.

Adults, you still pay a late fee of ten cents a day, per item. But the max is two dollars, once you return it.

They want you to check items, like books, Playaways and movies on DVD. But remember, there are other families who want the book you have.

When The Diary of a Wimpy Kid comes out, there will be over a hundred people waiting," said Stambaugh.

The high tech devices aren't just for children. Parents you can bring your e-reader in and download your books.. After two weeks, it simply goes away.

The library also has homework help for kids. For that, click on the link to the upper right of this article.