Lift Bus Driver Aids Injured Pedestrian

The Lift Program operates seven nighttime routes. One of them was driven by Renica Hopkins who'd only been with the company two months but is quickly making a name for herself.

"I just got happened to go on my phone and look on there and I'm like oh my God, I am on the news," says Renica.

It started at a railroad crossing just before 11 last night.

"There was a red truck beside me and it went up a little bit and kind of cut in front of me a little bit and I was wondering why are they driving like that," says Hopkins.

This wasn't Hopkins normal route and it would become not a normal night.

"The red truck I seen it go over the railroad tracks and hit something and I seen it twist and I was like wow what did it hit cause I didn't want to hit it," Hopkins adds.

She stopped at the railroad tracks and put her hazard lights on and looked down.

"I looked down and I seen a man, I said that's a man. I pulled over and explained to everyone on the bus, I'm sorry I can't take you guys home, there's a guy in the street who just got hit," Hopkins says.

Back at the Lift headquarters, dispatchers got the call then alerted police and paramedics, while Hopkins went to check on the man lying in the street.

"Actually I think he was unconscious at first then he started coming to, cause he asked for a cigarette, so I knew he was okay then, but I knew he was still hurt the way his body was twisted.''

Raymond Davidson was taken to the hospital, and the driver of the red Ford truck with a broken headlight is still out there.

"That wasn't right they should have pulled over helped 'em," says Hopkins.

"Very proud of her and glad she did what she did," says Lift General Manager Bill Kletti.

It's just another day for Renica Hopkins, She returns to work tonight and as always is willing to give someone a lift.