Lion King Cast Holds Benefit For Cultural Center

Their voices have been heard on Broadway and all over the world. But tonight, cast members from the Lion King are supporting a community center right here in Tulsa. They are holding a benefit concert to help the Greenwood Cultural Center.

The summer camps are the only programs offered at the Greenwood Cultural Center for children but now contributions from the community and even Broadway are restoring what the center has lost.

The cast of the Lion King does 8 performances a week.Yet, somehow, they visit community centers and schools to make an impact on children.

Here in Tulsa they heard about the struggles of the Greenwood center and the cast members agreed to hold a benefit concert. The children involved in the summer camp will be able to attend but this will mean thousands of dollars for the community cultural center.

Electra Weston is a singer, who has promoted the concert and says it comes from the heart. "It's a dream to be able to do what you love to do and make a great living at it, so if you can give back to someone and inspire them then that seems like the normal way of life," she said.

Right now the Greenwood center is working on a strategic plan to sustain itself in the coming years.

A foundation has agreed to match the donations for maximum benefit.