Little Girl's Hearing Device Lost and Found After Tornado

Jayde's Implant Found

When the tornado hit Moore Medical Center, 5 year old Jayde Scholl should have been there having her surgery, her mother had rescheduled.

Jayde arrived in the U.S. from China in December, with no hearing at all. One cochlear implant was done in February and the other was scheduled the day of the Moore tornado, at Moore Medical Center.{}

Her mother says she felt like they missed the plane that crashed, by missing the tornado. However, Jayde's $25,000 device was lost in the debris. Workers dug through the damage and found the device. Jayde had her surgery 4 days after the tornado.

Little Jayde is making a lot of progress since we saw her last a few weeks go, she now has a cochlear implant in both sides. And she's made 11 months progress in just 3 months, even though a tornado tried to get in her way. Her hearing {}and speech {}are like an infants, {}but she continues to improve.

"Losing that (device) would have been awful. I'm a firm believer that things happen the way they are supposed to. Jayde was supposed to have it," said her mother, Dr. Jacque Scholl, who is an audiologist.

Jayde will have hearing in both ears, once the second implant is activated in about two weeks. But she will have several years of therapy