Live Great: Bone Glue Can Heal Back Fractures

Living great means keeping your bones healthy and strong!

One in four women over 50 will develop an osteopathic fracture in their lifetime. And men can also be affected.

Many times the fractures are in your hips..

But they can also be in your back, which is extremely painful.

Luckily, we found out there's a new procedure that uses "bone glue" to fix those fractures.

Dr. James Webb with Tulsa's Osteoporosis Institute says, Kyphoplasty is less invasive and requires less recovery time for patients.

"You go in with a needle into the fractured vertebral body and blow it back up into place using a balloon, kind of like an angioplasty, but inside the bone. And then you put in bone glue or bone cement. It's kind of like an epoxy-like material that goes in soft like toothpaste and sets up harder than the bone in a matter of minutes. And it's basically an internal cast."

Kyphoplasty is an out-patient surgery.