Live Great: DEXA Bone Scan Can Detect Density, Small Fractures

Living great means keeping your bones strong!

But as we age, that can become more and more difficult.

One in four women over 50 will develop an osteopathic fracture.

And men can be affected as well.

So how do you know all that milk you drink and all those calcium supplements are really working?

Doctor James Webb with Tulsa's Osteoporosis Institute showed us a high-tech scanner called DEXA.

It not only determines your bone density, but can also detect tiny fractures.

"Basically a patient just lies on a table. It's kind of like an exam table, but it's a little more comfortable because it's padded. But the procedure takes about 5 or 6 minutes. And at the end we have a printed out report and we can kind of discuss that with you and what your risk factors are."

So what happens if screening uncovers a small fracture in your back?

Friday in our Live Great segment, see how a new procedure using bone glue can help patients avoid an invasive surgery and long recovery times.