Living Great: Dispelling Cruise Myths

Living great means giving yourself time to relax. You know, maybe taking that dream vacation??

And right now is great time to take a cruise.

But there's a lot of misinformation out there. So we're breaking down the myths.

Myth #1: You'll get fat.

According to Frommer's Travel, most cruise lines offer food 24/7. But there are plenty of low-cal options. Plus, most ships do have a gym.

Myth #2: You need to dress up.

Not so. The main dining room might have a dress code, but "smart casual" attire is usually accepted.

Myth #3: All activities are free.

Many cruise lines now charge for "premium" amenities, like fancy restaurants, cooking classes and surf machines.

Myth #4: The best deals are last minute.

Frommer's tell us, you might spend less, but your room quality could be compromised. They're usually snatched up first by those travelers who paid full price.

Myth #5: Cruise ships are confining.

So not true. Most cruise ships are the size of a small town nowadays. So it's highly unlikely you'll feel trapped.

Myth #6: You'll get sea sick.

If you know you tend to get sick, take the appropriate medicine. But most ships do have stabilizers top make the ride as smooth as possible. If the seas are calm you probably won't be affected at all.

Source: Frommer's Travel