Living Great: Gentle Yoga Helps With Mobility

Living great means staying active as we age.

But if you're bored with walking or all of the "typical exercises", you might mix it up and try doing yoga.

Now before you say, "that sounds way too hard", you should know this is "gentle yoga".

Classes are every Thursday morning, at the Buddy LaFortune Community Center at 52nd and Hudson.

It involves a lot of stretching, posing, and breathing.. but not a lot of the twisting and contorting seen in more advanced classes.

Instructor Christie Anderson says, "It's really great for mobility. It really helps to lubricate the joints. As you get older, you tend to be a little less mobile. So whenever you move the body around, it really helps to improve your range of motion."

The classes are at 9am Thursdays and cost $7.

For more information about gentle yoga call 918-496-6220.