Local Athlete To Compete In World Crossfit Championship

"CrossFit's deal is to be ready for anything; Not knowing what I'm going to do the next day," said Justin Allen Saturday inside his co-owned "Bellator CrossFit" training center in Bixby. "Because you never know what life is going to throw at you, and you have to be ready for anything, right?"

That mantra has kept the 27-year-old area native coming back for over 4 years now. Allen is a former college quarterback at N.E.O. and Southern Illinois who has discovered a new passion in CrossFit training and competition.

Allen has done so well at it, he's one of 48 people in the entire world to qualify for Reebok CrossFit games in Los Angeles. And he's made it for the second consecutive year. What Allen likes to believe is his greatest advantage over the competition is mental toughness. Many of these finalists have sponsorships or some other position where they can comfortably train full time.

In Allen's case, he's doing his full-time training regiment along with a full-time job and is a married father of two. Just like CrossFitness competition, it's all about balance.

"They're trying to find the most well-rounded person," Allen explained. "There's a strength component with some kind of lifting. Then after that, they may have you do 100 wall balls, 100 pull ups, 100 snatches. It tests every part of fitness that can be tested really."

If Justin Allen could win this championship event, which is held July 22nd through July 28th, he may be able to dedicate more of his time to CrossFit training.

According to Allen, "It'd be life changing if I could win it. First place is $275,000. I could do this full time. And they also give out prize money on the top three finishers within each event and there's about 20 events. If I did well enough, I could get sponsorships."

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