Local Businesses Help One Another On Yale

At GreenHouse clothing their business is helping you spread your message one T-shirt at a time.

"Schools, businesses, if you're a pro wrestler we'll help you out," said employee Alan Doyle.

Masters of communication, they're hoping to spread the word of their business on Yale by starting a business group called Yale.

"Which is an acronym for Yale Avenue Local Entrepreneurs," said owner Bryan Schooley.

A concept which immediately struck a harmonious chord across the street.

"I think it's a great idea," said Andrew Parker, owner of Whistler's Automotive.

"If I do a good job for Bryan, and Bryan tells his friends, and then they come see us and vice versa," he said.

An old fashioned peer-to-peer referral system.

"We don't have giant advertising campaigns or budgets, we have real gorilla tactics, help each other out, use that friend network," said Schooley.

Speaking of which, it'd probably be the friendly thing to let you know where they are on Yale.

"We're easy to get to, we're right off of highway 51," said Parker.

Maybe that's something that should be on a T-shirt.

"We'll figure a way out to do a Yale shirt, I'm sure," laughed Schooley.