Local Cities Help Cleanup After the Storm

Several local cities are helping you cleanup after the storm. Crews in Tulsa, Owasso, and Broken Arrow will spend the next week coming to get your broken limbs.

In all cites, you are asked to place your limbs by the curb in small bundles and keep them away from your driveway, the street, your mailbox and trash can because those services will still be running.

All cites want to get the debris out of the way before it becomes a hazard.

"Everybody hates the random critter that can settle into the brush after it's collected. We don't want that to happen and it's also a fire hazard too. As limbs dry out you have to be careful in the heat that they might actually be a fire hazard," Director of Economic Development for the City of Owasso, Chelsea Levo said.

In Tulsa, starting Monday, July 29, crews will make one pass throughout the city to gather residential tree debris. City crews will start with the outer areas of Tulsa first and work their way into the center where the storm damage was the heaviest. If you would like you can take your debris to the City's green waste processing site, 10401 E. 56th St. North, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily at no charge.

In Owasso, you also have two options. You can call Public Works at 918-272-4959 and make an appointment for them to come and pick up your limbs, or you can take your limbs to the City of Owasso yard waste disposal area near the recycling plant on Main street. The City of Owasso is offering these services Monday, July 29 through Friday, August 2.

In Broken Arrow, You are asked to call City of Broken Arrow's Action Center at 918-259-8373 to get your limbs picked up. City crews will spend the next three weeks picking up limbs and debris.