Local City Becoming A Destination Place to Shop

Cities rely on sales tax money for improvements and emergency services. For one local community, most of their revenue comes from other zip codes. The City of Owasso says more than two-thirds of their sales tax revenue comes from people that head to Owasso to shop but don't live there.

The city is trying to market Owasso as not just a place to shop but a destination for anything you might need. The highway system surrounding Owasso may play into drawing more people.

"It makes it really easy to get here and we think we have some very nice roads and some very easy ways to get from point A to point B once they get here," says Chelsea Levo, Director of Economic Development.

With more sales tax revenue, the city can spend more on fixing streets and keeping firefighters and police officers employed. With big retail companies like Sam's Club coming to Owasso, the sale tax revenue is expected to get bigger, and that means more development in the future.

The City of Owasso is also focusing on getting more primary jobs to the area. Levo says about 85 percent of the people that live in Owasso leave each day to go to work in another city.

"We can start bringing in some jobs that maybe can shift that number a little bit where more people are staying here to work," Levo says. "It's even more important to keep that sales tax revenue high so that we can continue to make this a great home for people."

The Sam's Club is expected to open in the Fall of 2013.