Local Clothing Company Giving Back to Military Organizations

Veterans Day has a different meaning for everyone.

"It stands for so much. Seeing all the people that came before me. I really haven't done anything yet and to think of all the people that have sacrificed and everybody that has been in a war, it's amazing and I am so honored to be apart of that," says E3, Oklahoma Air National Guard, Jenny Adamus.
Adamus enlisted in the Air Force in 2009 at the age of 33. She says it was something she always wanted to do. So, when she found out about the Happy First: Strong Chick line and that they were giving back to military organizations she was on board.
"It's very motivating to me to do more. To actually fit the Strong Chick, you know it makes me want to work out more, makes me want to hold my head up higher, to wear my uniform prouder," says Adamus.
Happy First turned to women like Adamus and another local woman who lost her husband in the line of deputy to pick organizations that they could donate to for the month of November. Adamus picked Eagle Summit Ranch, which she says is a place when you come back from war to get all kinds of support from faith, family, and financial. Jane Horton, who's husband was a sniper, picked
"Most of the time snipers deploy and they don't have all the equipment they need and they need a lot of equipment that the government doesn't supply for them," says Horton. Both women say this is a good chance for people to give back to military organization and gives women a chance to speak out about what they go through in the military.
"It also gives you a way to tell your story. Each woman is a Strong Chick in their own way. Either they have survived cancer or lost someone close to them or they have been through a traumatic experience, so each of us is a strong chick in our own way," says Horton.
Happy First gives 10 percent of the proceeds to the organization that you choose when you purchase the Strong Chick shirts.