Local Community Seeing Growth in New Businesses

One local community is seeing several new businesses moving to town. Last year, Claremore opened or expanded twenty-seven businesses. Wine Down Spirits opened just eight months ago and they are glad to be open in their hometown community because everyone knows who they are.

"People come in and they are happy they never gripe, they never complain about anything, unless we don't have what they are looking for but usually they will pick something else. They are just friendly and nice," says Co-Owner, Wine Down Spirits, Melinda Kennedy.

The City of Claremore likes seeing all these businesses coming in.

"One it brings new jobs which is a vital component to keeping a city alive. Two it brings sales tax dollars which helps us fund what we do. But also it just brings new opportunities," says City of Claremore Director of Communications, Cassie Woods.

Woods says all the money in sales tax goes right back to improvements and safety for the city. So, all the new businesses are helping the city grow in several ways. She also says it's hard to get new businesses to come to any city but they a good idea what businesses are looking for.

"They want a solid workforce," says Woods, "They also want incentives. That's a big thing for developers. It's what are you willing to give me, if I'm willing to come there," says Woods, "Just a good support system for businesses. You have to have a way for them to get involved in the community a way for their employees to engage in the community."

The City of Claremore hopes more businesses will come to the city. But they know several industrial companies are planning to expand by hundreds of jobs.