Local Community Working to Connect All Neighborhoods

The City of Owasso is bringing residents together one neighborhood at a time. Owasso Strong Neighborhood Initiative had their annual Leadership Conference.

One of the first neighborhoods to get involved was Elm Creek Estates. They said their group got started with just three people meeting to talk about ways to fix their streets.

"Without forming as a group, we would not have near as strong of voice, I think, within the city or even within just our own neighborhood to be able to get things accomplished," Chairman, Elm Creek Estates Neighborhood Affiliation, Tim Raines said.

Raines said if you have a few people at first, it will grow once you get started, you just have to start. That's why the City of Owasso has these meetings to get dozens of neighborhoods together.

"We discuss issues, concerns they may have in our neighborhoods. So that we can work together to make our neighborhoods safer and more attractive," OSNI, Neighborhood Coordinator, Jerry Fowler said.

About 50 people got the chance to speak with police about safety, code enforcement officers about which complaints they can deal with, and public works about projects they have planned for the city. The idea is to work together to keep people in their community and that starts with curb appeal.

"If we don't keep those up and attractive then it's going to impact our property values," Fowler said.

These meetings also a way to connect with others about particular crimes they might be seeing and how to get involved with alert neighbors. Raines said because of that program his neighborhoods feels safer.

"We kind of had a stranger-danger situation in our neighborhood, where someone saw someone that just didn't belong. We utilized our website to kind of post information and called the police for them to investigate, and it was a network of neighbors calling each other," Raines said, "People just wouldn't have known, I think properly they would have just closed their blinds and just ignored it not my property not my problem."