Local Company that Trains Service Dogs in Need of Help

Glad Wags, a Tulsa organization that trains service dogs, needs the public's help to stay in business after a bogus check put them in a predicament.

The small business reports that it recently received a $4,500 check in "good faith," but then the checked bounced. The organization reports that it will close on August 15 if money is not raised in time.

The organization trains service dogs for many different circumstances. In June, Glad Wags announced that they have trained a service dog, named Pogo, to alert a person to an oncoming seizure three minutes in advance.

To donate, visit and click "donate."

"Your monetary donation will assist those with disabilities and medical conditions to live fuller, more independent lives. Not only that, service dogs save lives everyday and enrich the lives of their humans," said Glad Wags in a statement.