Local Couple Hoping For Same Sex Marriage Ruling

A judge striking down the ban on same sex marriage in Utah, is an encouraging sign to Oklahoma equal rights supporters.The U.S. Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals will consider the Oklahoma case of one couple that wants to be married in Oklahoma and another that wishes to be recognized as a married couple.But today, Sharon Baldwin and Mary Bishop considered the Utah ruling as a victory because it will cover all of the states in the jurisdiction.

The two have been fighting to be married in Oklahoma. They see the day coming for them, as the lifted ban could clear the aisle to marriage for many, they believe.

"Kansas, Oklahoma, Utah, Wyoming, all of those states won today, whether they realize it or not," said Baldwin, who is writing a book on their experience."We want to fight for the right to be married in our home state. This is where we are from," said Mary Bishop, who would like to add her partner on her health insurance, but cannot.The couple expects the case to end in the Supreme Court.