Local Cyclists Discuss and Learn About Road Laws

During a Wednesday bike ride last week, a local cyclist was run off the road by a car. That accident lead to Tom's Bicycle Team having a police officer come and talk about being safe on the road. The cyclist was not hurt during the accident, but it leads to conversation about what riders and drivers can do.

"Once a year there is always some sort of conflict between cyclists and drivers," said cyclist Shane McElravy.

McElravy has been riding with Tom's Bicycle Team for three years and wasn't on the ride last week. but his teammates told him what happened.

"Someone road up behind him in a car, in a vehicle, and laid on the horn and drove up at the same speed as he was going and kind of road him off the road, pushed him off the road and he was pushed into a ditch," said McElravy.

The riders were side-by-side along Highway 97 when the accident happened. It is legal to ride two deep in the lane, but no more. There are problems on both sides of this argument.

"If we would be a little more understanding and get the motorists to be a little more excepting to take a deep breath and take that extra 30 seconds it might take you to get home then we aren't going to injure a cyclist," said Sand Springs Police Department Deputy Chief Mike Carter. "On the cyclists, if they have operating to move over and let a vehicle get by and to not do things like running stop lights and signs then I think it will lead to better harmony."

Drivers are required to give riders three feet when passing them and even if you don't like it they are allowed to be on the roads. It is suggested for cyclists to wear gear that is easy to see and have lights on their bikes because visibility is key to staying safe.

Carter said the Sand Springs Police Department has talked about putting officers on bikes in the highly populated areas to watch the interactions with both drivers and cyclists. They are also talking to riding groups to see if they can send the cyclists in different directions in smaller groups to avoid having a large group in one area.

Also, if you throw anything or hit anyone with your car or bike it is considered a felony.