Local Doctors Seeing More and More People with Colds and Flu

Local doctors say in the past two weeks their waiting rooms have been full with people coming in with colds and the flu.

Local doctors say in the past two weeks their waiting rooms have been full with people coming in with cold and flu symptoms.

Doctors say this time of year more and more people get sick because of spending more time with family and friends.

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The best thing you can do to stay out of the doctors office is have good germ control.

"Don't share drinks. Don't talk on the telephone after someone that's ill has talked on the telephone. Wash that remote. Wash your doorknobs and your handles. Make sure that we aren't cuddling too much over the holidays try to avoid spreading those germs," says Dr. Sarah Elneser, Family Medicine with Utica Park Clinic

But the number one type of germ control is washing your hands several times a day.

"Good hand washing includes warm soapy water. Wash those hands for an extended period of time. We like to say sing the song Happy Birthday in your mind twice and that's a long enough time to wash," says Dr. Elneser.

Dr. Elneser says since it's been a mild winter so far, people have been out more, meaning they are passing germs more than usual. She says the peak time for the flu virus is January so we are right on track for the normal season. There are several things you can watch out for if you feel that you have the flu.

"If you start to experience symptoms like body ache heavier or headache nausea get in to see your doctor as soon as possible we do have medicines that can treat the flu but you have to catch those symptoms within the first 24 to 48 hours," says Dr. Elneser.

Dr. Elneser says for child that may be getting sick the biggest thing to watch out for is their change in behavior.

"Anytime a child starts running their fever it's a good idea to go ahead and get them in to get checked out. If they are decreasing in appetite. If they are not wanting to take in the fluids. If they have had a chronic runny nose for some time," says Dr. Elneser.

Another good tip, when washing your hands, you want to make sure to get all the water off, because and extra moisture on your hands can cause bacteria to grow.