Local Entrepreneurs Want To Keep You Cool This Summer

The name evokes cool thoughts, but the product itself may be the next hot thing on the market.

"This first year our goal is to sell 10,000 units in six months," said Andrew Jenkins, CEO of Icybreeze, an invention that was inspired by a parent sweltering at a little league game who looked at a cooler and...

"...literally thought to himself, why can my drinks stay cool but not me?" said Jenkins.

Hence the creation of the first combination air conditioner unit and cooler that'll blow away the heat with up to a 25 mph gust.

"And it's dehumidified air. It's not that swamp cooler where it blows a mist on you. It is true cold dry air," he said.

Getting to this point has taken three years, and now, icy breeze is ready to swing into full production.

"So this is the assembly area," said Jenkins, giving a tour of their production facility.

They make the majority of the parts for the cooler themselves at their Bixby plant, which currently employs ten people and is looking to hire another eight. A warm start for a cooler poised to be the next hot item.

"You look at what the premium market is, is probably $100 million dollars and none of them provide portable air conditioning, and so from there we were able to secure our own capital to make the investment to do it right," he said.

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