Local Firefighters Get Life Saving Training

It's National Firefighter day, and dozens of firefighters are getting training they need to do their job better. In Pryor, local firefighters are taking part in training provided free by Oklahoma State University. Each firefighter is getting the real life training they will need to save lives.

"We need to keep up their skills up to help the community," says Bartlesville firefighter, Tom Brink.

Brink has been on the Bartlesville Fire Department for the past five years and says he wanted to be a firefighter to help people in need. This weekend, he is taking this training seriously so he can do just that. He says he responds to at least two car accidents a week, and maybe no fires, meaning this is very valuable lessons.

"You don't want the vehicle to move, because if you move the vehicle, you can move the patient even more, if they have a back injury or a neck injury. So, you want to make sure the vehicle stays stable while you are cutting, using the jaws of life, to pry open the doors," says Brink.

During this two day training, there are several different techniques they will learn. Saturday, more than twenty firefighter learned ways to stabilize the vehicle, and more importantly, they are learning about the "Golden Hour."

"They have to learn how quickly and efficiently to rescue someone out of a vehicle, so they can get them loaded in the ambulance and get them to the hospital," says OSU Instructor, John Vietta.

Vietta is a lieutenant with the Durant Fire Department. He has been with them for the past sixteen years and has been teaching for OSU for the past eight. He says he would love to see more funding come from the state so they can offer more of these free training weekends.

There is still one more weekend of training May 18-19 where these firefighters will learn how to respond to a May Day call from a fellow firefighter and how to fight a vehicle fire.