Local Firefighters Help Make A Boy's Dream Come True

Some local firefighters went beyond the call of duty.

They helped make the dreams come true of a young boy with special needs.

Sean Cunnane wanted to make his room look like a fire station, and some Tulsa and Broken Arrow firefighters made that a reality.

He was excited to see the finished product Monday afternoon.

On their own time, firefighters built a fire engine bed, painted the walls red, and added a mural of local firefighters.

The changes to his room are also designed to help with his daily therapy.

"He is absolutely is obsessed with firefighting. He knows all the lingo, he knows so many firefighters and they know him," says Sean's mother Kris Cunnane. As she choked up, she added, "I can't even begin to thank them enough. It's just more than we can possibly imagine."

The remodeling work took about three weeks to complete.