Local Fitness Center Trying to Make Tulsa More Healthy

With the New Year fast approaching one local fitness center is trying to make Tulsa healthy. Tulsa is already number eleven on a list of fattest cities according to Men's Health Magazine. Sky Fitness and Wellbeing is now focusing on changing that number. They have a new program call Healthy Hometown where they will be bring exercise classes and seminars to all of Tulsa.

"We obviously want Tulsan's to come and get fit and are going to give them the opportunity to do so and we are going to go to them," says Vice President of Operations, Travis Wood.

Wood says they will anywhere to give exercise classes and seminars to make Tulsa healthier. The classes and seminars will be free. Wood says their goal is to take all the excuses out of people's minds. Child care for free and money off your dues if you come to the gym at least five times each month are some of the benefits members will see. If you are deciding to hit the gym, Wood says there is one thing you need to remember.

"If you have gained 50 pounds in the last five years, you aren't going to loss it in your first month. You can do it. All the success stories that say you can loss 50 pounds. We can put you on a plan but it's not going to be as easy as sometimes TV shows or these online diets make it out to be. It's hard work," says Wood.

Another good tip for people that have been putting off going to the gym, find what works for you. Don't go full steam in the first week because it will take time to get into a workout routine. Wood also says that nutrition is key to a health body but don't change everything in the first week.

"Don't go crazy going from cheeseburger and french fries to just raw vegetables find the middle ground find a small step to get started," says Wood.

Sky Fitness and Wellbeing will update their website with all the times for the classes and seminars.