Local Group of Experts in Place to Help with Healthcare Exchange

It is no secret that since the affordable care act exchanges opened for enrollment, there's been no shortage of confusion. But now, there's a group of experts in place to help you out, free of charge.

"The awareness for the general population, I think, is very, very low. And then, even lower, is their knowledge of it," said insurance agent, Roger Flippo.

"I would say that most people do not understand, at all, the Affordable Care Act and the process of what's going on at this time," Flippo added. The owner of Flippo Insurance in Broken Arrow is part of an association of licensed insurance agents, in place to help you navigate the exchange process. They are called the Tulsa Association of Health Underwriters and they say, what they do is vitally important.

Flippo said, "What we do is we help an individual navigate through the process. In this case, through the process of getting into the exchange, getting onto the website, helping them to figure out what their premium credit is, and once they get to that point, we can help them navigate through the different health plans." Their ultimate goal is to get consumers enrolled.

Flippo said, just like using a CPA to file your taxes or an attorney for a legal matter, you want to have an expert in your corner when enrolling for health insurance.

With more than 70 agents in the local association, it should not be difficult to find one near you.

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