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      Local Group Trying to Change Zoning Code in Pearl District

      The Tulsa Metropolitan Area Planning Commission has decided to re-examine a zoning proposal for the Pearl District. Groups in the area are trying to get the zoning code changed to a form-based code.

      "Under a form-based code you are more likely to see a traditional main street with a generous sidewalks, shops down the sidewalk," says Pearl District developer, Jamie Jamieson.

      Jamieson says the idea behind this code change is to get people to walk to the places they need to go.

      "It leads to being able to walk home from school, walk home from the shops, to be able to send your 8-year-old son or daughter to buy a bottle of milk on the shop on the corner," Jamieson says.

      Opponents of this code change say this could lead to many businesses not wanting to come to the Pearl District. The Tulsa Metropolitan Area Planning Commission has decided to push this decision back again, to hear more ideas about what the code should be.

      Jamieson says he isn't sure when the next meeting will take place to discuss the changes but they have been working on this since 2008.