High School Dancers React to Controversial Miley Cyrus Performance

Booker T. Washington's Pom Squad prides itself on its fun and class-- and says it will not be incorporating Miley Cyrus's controversial "twerk" dance move anytime soon.

"I thought what she did was highly inappropriate," said Pom Senior Paige Hawkins.

The high school maintains certain uniform and dance routine standards for modesty. Staff said it is because the team members are role models to younger people in the community.

"They enjoy keeping it classy. They like to entertain and not rely on crazy acts but rely on themselves as dancers and their talents," said the group's school sponsor Sarah Walker.

Walker said the pom coach TeKi Stewart travels nationally to learn more about modern music and moves. The team strives to be contemporary but in an appropriate way.

"If it's fun for us, it will be fun for other people to watch," Hawkins said.

The team performed at its pep rally Thursday afternoon. The girls said they will continue to be role models during the fall season ahead.

Still, Hawkins said the "twerk" dance move has gained such fame nationwide that she anticipates young people in the area will likely continue to do it.

The singer's famous father, Billy Ray Cyrus, seems to be supporting his daughter in the matter. Cyrus posted a tweet Wednesday that appears to be from her father: "'Mile, if twerkin woulda been invented.... And I had a foam finger.... I woulda done the same thang you did.' - DAD"

A coach for Broken Arrow dance echoed similar sentiments to Booker T. Washington. She said dress codes may not reveal any skin around the torso and that many of her dancers do not consider twerking to be dancing.

Channel 8 reached out to additional school district dance teams for reaction.