Local Holiday Travel Underway

Thousands of people are set to travel this holiday season and many families are already hitting the road or airports. AAA Oklahoma says more than 850 thousand Oklahoman's are expect to travel. That is up two percent from last year. The airport is already seeing the increase in travelers.

"We were really busy here this morning and the airlines have told us they are seeing a lot more people traveling and a lot more people checking bags," says Tulsa International Airport Spokesperson, Alexis Higgins.

Winter weather is causing problems for travelers, TIA is experiencing some delayed flights because of the snow storms affecting Chicago. Higgins says by Friday morning all flights should be back to normal. Saturday and Sunday are expected to be the busiest days for travel. Higgins says all morning flights are sold out. Meaning, the ticket counter lines and security checkpoints will take longer. Higgins suggest you arrive at least two hours before your flight. If you do have a carry-on bag you want to make sure you pay attention to what you can bring on the plane.

"You don't want to have a nice gift that you have wrapped, maybe perfume or cologne, that you not going to be able to take through the checkpoint," says Higgins.

AAA Oklahoma says 90 percent of those that do travel this holiday will be behind the wheel. They also say that gas prices should stay about the same as they are now. The biggest suggestion they have is to make sure your car is checked before you head out.

"Make sure that you have good tread on your tires those tires are properly inflated and the maintenance is up on your vehicle because the last thing anybody wants is to be stuck on the side of the road on the way to grandma's house," says AAA Oklahoma Spokesperson, Danial Karnes.