Local Impact Of A Possible Federal Govt. Shutdown

Not a cloud in the sky over Tulsa, but when it comes to some of the services we expect from the federal government..there is a cloud. It's called a cloud of uncertainty. At the Passport office at the Tulsa County Courthouse..."The only thing that we can anticipate here I would think would be an increase of passports," as Sally Howe Smith, Court Clerk.So far it's been quiet on the second floor. The initial paperwork of starting the passport process will continue but the snag comes when it hits a federal workers desk. First time home-buyers can expect a delay too."It's very inconvenient." Realtor Chuck Breckenridge says lenders have to file a verification form with the IRS which could delay the home-buying process."We don't see it affecting anything other than maybe VA loans or FHA loans or just the tax requirements of getting copies of the tax forms."The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says parks and recreational areas will be impacted as well as some...some of its 650 employees. The exceptions are navigational channels, hydro power plants and dams. There is still yet another unexpected cost of a potential government that no one knows better than those working in county and state government."Anytime there's a problem with the government it does increase a person's stress load so we may be dealing with people who are a little more stressed out more than usual," says Howe Smith.