Local Lawn Care Business Isn't Just about Mowing Lawns

Two pastors at a local church have come up with a way to help the community and it may not be the way you think. The Movement Church has been in Glenpool since 2011, and their property takes about five hours to mow. On a Saturday about a month ago, Brad Post and Greg Parson were mowing the property and had an idea.

"Initially it was just a church work day, and we came out and did some work, and Brad and I took a small break because the belt broke on the mower, and we were talking about it, and if a guy had four or five of these larger yards like this, he could make a little extra cash," says Chief Operating Office, Grass Roots Lawn Care, Greg Parson.

That's when Grass Roots Lawn Care was started. It only took them two days to get a business plan ready and within a week they were already out getting clients. They both turned to the church's visions to start this company.

"Provide opportunities for people and employment in the community," says President and CEO, Grass Roots Lawn Care, Brad Post.

In the last month of operation, they have about 15 new clients and are constantly going on other bids. Post says they prices are affordable and they are hungry for new business. It is a for-profit company, but they both say it's about the passion to help the community, not just have a business, and that's what will set them apart from the other lawn care companies.

"This gives us a way to also say look we can get you on your feet a little bit financially. We might not have a great big offering to give you, but if you want to run a mower and help us work a little bit, we have something to do for you," says Parson. "That will give them a since of accomplishment and self worth, they can start gaining some income and put their feet back on the ground again."

Grass Roots Lawn Care is working in South Tulsa, Jenks, Sapulpa, Glenpool, Bixby, Broken Arrow, Liberty, and Kiefer. For more information you can call 918-833-2248.