Local Mail Carriers Rally to Keep 6 Day Delivery

Neither rain, nor snow nor gloom could keep a group of local mail carriers from making their voices heard. Groups like the one in South Tulsa rallied all over the country to keep six day delivery for the postal service.

Congress voted Thursday to keep the full schedule, but mail carriers, working and retired, were along 81st street and Lewis to get their message out, keep six day delivery. Some of the local carriers that came out have been fighting the elements for 13 years.

"I like what I do, you know, I think to go out and carry around and speak with the public, talk to customers," says Ron Neel.

Neel says that the people on his route everyday look forward to seeing him. He delivers to a retirement community and says those people rely on them to bring them their mail because they don't always have the transportation to get around.

Terry Davis, President of the National Association of Letter Carriers Branch 1358, says what hurt them was the 2006 congress mandate which required the Post Office to put money into the retirement fund for the next 10 years. Davis says the fund already has enough money in it to pay for the people that have not even been hired. He also says the Post Office does not rely on tax payer's money, they just manage with the money they get.

"We aren't here to see this business go down the tubes. If it was a desperate moment where we thought the best thing to do was go to five day delivery to save the postal service, and best thing for the public - that's what we would do but we know it's not," says Davis.

The Senate has all passed this item last Wednesday, the Postal Service is just now waiting on President Obama to vote to keep six day delivery.