Local Military Family Receives A Special Delivery

On this weekend that marks the remembrance of our veterans, a local military family received a special delivery today. We were in Owasso on Sunday afternoon to capture the moment.

Eight Budweiser Clydesdale horses helped make a memorable delivery to a military family. As the horses headed to the Stephens family home, father Matt Stephens, his wife and four children waited outside for some sort of delivery, but they never thought it would be this extravagant.

"I had a little bit of knowledge about it. I just didn't know like how great it was going to be," said Tiffany Stephens who is the second oldest child.

"I've been a fan of the Clydesdales from the Super bowl commercials and growing up as a kid and to have them actually come down your street, it was a life changing moment. A memory I will never forget," Lt. Cmdr. Matt Stephens said.

Once the horses arrived at the Stephens home, representatives with the Folds of Honor Foundation and Budweiser handed the family a $20,000 scholarship. Five thousand for each child.

The scholarships honor their father, Lt.Cmdr Stephens, who was injured while serving in Iraq in 2004.

"Normally Memorial weekend is a time of remembrance and thinking of the past events and sacrifices. But Budweiser and Folds of Honor have that turned that to now I am looking forward to the future with excitement . Just the opportunities they've given the children with education," Lt. Cmdr. Stephens said.

The money will help the Stephens pay for their tuition for Rejoice Christian School.

"This was a very special moment for this family, but also to tell them that we honor their sacrifice and we want to educate their legacy," said Ed. Pulido who is an veteran and part of the Folds of Honor Foundation.

The Folds of Honor Foundation that gives scholarships to spouses and children of soldiers who are killed or disabled in service to our country.