Local Neighborhood Comes Together to Minimize Crime

Efforts to minimize crime in a Tulsa neighborhood seem to be working for residents who have come together to tackle the issue.

Now in its fourth year the Civilian Alert Patrol has proven successful for the residents in the Mayo Meadows neighborhood. Those passing through may think it's hard to imagine crime every happening in this part of Tulsa.

"Well luckily he came by with that big dog and he turned that dog loose on him while he called the police," resident Bob Jones said. "Well they're all in jail right now."

Jones is one of those in the Mayo Meadows neighborhood who moved into his home 50 years ago. And he said the growing issue of crime has been deterred since the area neighbors began the Civilian Alert Patrol."It bothers me that they walk down the street like they're walking down the aisle of a grocery store and just pick one and come back and kick the door and go in and you know, it's not their stuff, it's our stuff," patroller Phil Summers said.

Summers walks the streets of the neighborhood during the day with his German Shepard. And when it gets dark he patrols the area in his own car."We have one of the lowest crime incidents rates in our neighborhood," Summers said. "In the City of Tulsa."

Others in the area emphasized the importance of neighbors coming together to help combat crime.