Local Organization Helping Care for 15 Neglected Animals

A local organization is asking for help after they rescued 15 animals. The animals were seized by the Washington County Sheriff's Office in an animal cruelty case out of Bartlesville last week.

Once the sheriff's office took control of the animals, they called in the help of the Oklahoma Alliance for Animals. The animals are considered weak and severely malnourished.

OAA has the ten horses and five dogs in the care of rescues and local vets, but the animals aren't owned by them, so they have to just take care of the basic needs until they could be relinquished by the owner in a bond hearing.

"We are just keeping them in safe haven right now. They aren't our dogs officially. They are property of Washington County Sheriff's Office," public relations, OAA, Lori Hall said.

Hall said that rescues like this can only happen if someone calls the sheriff's office or police department, and even that can take months.

"A lot of places are isolated. So it's hard to see back in there to see what's going on, and it's usually a friend that comes over, neighbor that peeks over the yard, that does the complaint to the sheriff's office," Hall said.

Hall said since they are helping with the animals right now, they need several things. The horses need transportation, medical expenses such as dental care and farrier work, feed buckets, halters, shelter, and 10 bales of hay. They also need the following: feed, complete horse, senior feed and rice bran. The five dogs need volunteers for foster care as well as collars and toys.

Since the case is still under investigation, OAA is not releasing where these animals are being cared for.

Hall said these cases are hard, but they know they have to help when they can.

"You just have to get in the mind frame of getting in there and doing a job and getting the animals to where they need to be so they can get the help they need to get," Hall said.

If you would like to help you can contact OAA at 918-742-3700.