Local Pastor Responds To Russian Adoptions Ban

Dr. Ted Kersh and his wife adopted a daughter 30 years ago. From that one experience it's created a ministry for his congregation.

"That has really put in our heart the desire to help other families adopt," says Dr. Ted Kersh, Pastor of South Tulsa Baptist Church.

It began with daughter Rebecca. Dr. Ted Kersh says international adoptions have become more lengthy and costly and can't imagine the pain of families caught in the politics of Russian adoptions.

"For some of them it will be another step in our process as we keep moving forward, for others it could be, we're going to stop, we're not going to continue, so it could be very, very devastating emotionally."

Kendra Skaggs and her husband are among about 50 Americans affected by Russia's new adoption ban.

" I can't help her, I can't tell her I love her so It's really hard," says Skaggs.

We contacted Buckner Adoption and Maternity Services out of Dallas which helps secure adoptions from Russia. They issued a statement. "Our years of experience working in inter-country adoption have taught us that situations can change. We are committed to maintaining our work in Russia."

Buckner has 22 families in the various stages of adopting from Russia, while none are among those pending final approval, still it might be discouraging to those exploring international adoptions.

"I would just say to them, stay at it, don't stop," says Kersh.

Even though Russian adoptions have been stopped. Dr. Kersh ways there are still many opportunities even here in Tulsa for families who still want children.