Local Reactions to Gun Control

Are there some guns that people just should not own? Questions like those are surfacing after the Connecticut school shooting. At the Tulsa Gun Club, they allow most weapons you might find in a sporting goods store. What they don't' allow are fully automatic weapons.

Today a young couple, Rose Dinh and Matt Hinds, showed up for a gun safety course after learning about the school shooting in Newtown, Conn. from their gymnastics students.

Dan Detmer operates Firearms On Target and is leading the class, says there needs to be more control when it comes to those with mental illnesses accessing weapons.

Detmer says gun control may not be the answer.

"Guns are an easy choice. They are other weapons. The Oklahoma City bombing killed quite a few people and a gun wasn't used," said Detmer, "Fertilizer was used, so there is always a way for that sick person in my opinion to buy a substance which can hurt a lot of people."

As for Dinh and Hinds, neither of them know what type of gun they'd like to own, but they are exercising their right to protect themselves.