Local Residents Begin Petition for Traffic Light at Dangerous Intersection

With the growth in Owasso around 116th Street North and 140th East Avenue some residents are asking for a traffic light to be installed.

"It's just too dangerous. We can't afford to loss our friends and family just because there is no stop light," Melody Robinson said.

The danger and the need for safety is why Robinson and some of her church family decided to start a petition to get a stop light in that area. In the past several weeks, a few of the church members have been in accidents.

"Someone that is precious to us was actually hit pulling out of the church," Robinson said, "We actually had one lady that was pulling out of Quik Trip and the person came off of 169 so fast that they spin her car completely around and it looked like she was going into Quik Trip."

Robinson said turning in and out of the church is difficult most of the time and she has to travel out of her way.

"You go all the way down and turn around and come back. I won't go to Quik Trip anymore because there has been so many near miss accidents," Robinson said.

The City of Owasso knows the area is highly traveled and is working with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation.

"We have actually been talking to ODOT for some time now and we are about to commission a traffic study that will be done within the next couple of weeks," interim City Manager, Warren Lehr.

Lehr said the city would pay for the traffic study and if the need is there in that area and ODOT would pay the estimated $250,000 to $300,000 for the traffic light.

Robinson is hoping with the petition they will really see the community wants this light.

"We have to get it going before there is any more loss or injuries," Robinson said.

Once the traffic study is finished and the need is found it could take three months to get the light installed.