Local Retail Stores Ready for After Christmas Shopping

Christmas is over and a new shopping frenzy begins. Some stores have seen long lines of people returning gifts that weren't quite right or looking for bargains with after-Christmas sales. Local retailers were ready for the busy hours.

"We always staff ourselves up first thing in the morning to accommodate that first rush of returns to get that product back out to the floor," says Target Store Team Leader, Brian Dausses.

Dausses has been in retail for 25 years and says this is the busiest time for returns all year and there are some things to remember.

"Bring your gift receipt if you can that always speeds along the process in your exchange. Always bring and ID that helps quite a bit and always come with a little bit of patience as you are trying to get through your line," says Dausses.

Experts say that getting the same game for your electronics and clothes not fitting are the number two things that will be returned. Retailers aren't surprised so many people come out the day after Christmas.

"It's part of our culture people want to shop they want to get out and some people usually want to hit that door at seven o'clock to not do the exchanges but just to shop the good deals that are out there right now," says Dausses.

Dausses says even though the national numbers are only up slightly, this Christmas shopping season has been busy for them but it all came at the end of the season.

"It's been a very last minute Christmas. So, a lot of people have been waiting until the very last minute and that's when the money has been coming in always that last minute spending," says Dausses.

This weekend is expected to busy for returns. People are still with family and want to wait to avoid the crowds. Also, the next three to four days will be busy with people coming into retail stores to spend their gift cards.