Local Runners Tackle Turkey Mountain In The Dark

Every Tuesday night, a group of runners hits the trails in the dark.

This group is known as the "Night Crawlers."

As part of the TATUR running community, they meet up year-round on a weekly basis and tackle different areas of the city.

We were there Tuesday as nearly two dozen runners took off on Turkey Mountain.

Organizers say it's a fun and unique learning experience open to anyone.

They wear head lamps to see, but we had to ask if it's too dangerous.

"We get a lot of people who are always concerned about, 'Man, I'm going to twist an ankle, I'm going to fall over'," says Stormy Phillips. "While I won't say that that never happens, you'd be surprised how rarely that happens." He adds, "I think that if we took our injury ratio compared to most of the road running clubs, we'd come out pretty good."

It's not for the faint of heart though. Phillips tells us they have seen a wild creature or two while running at night.