Claremore Schools Working On a Fix for Classrooms with No AC

The heat is taking its toll on students at a local school district. That's because three classrooms at Catalayah Elementary in Claremore have been without air conditioning for at least two weeks.

"That's too long especially with the heat we have been dealing with," Claremore Superintendent Michael McClaren said.

A few parents said their children are so hot they feel ill and can't concentrate on their work. McClaren said he knows when it's too hot, students don't learn as well and they want to give them the best learning environment.

McClaren said they have put fans in the classrooms, but with the ground course heat system they aren't much help. The district has ordered the parts to fix the ground circuit board, but it's taking a long time to get them here. So, they have come up with a temporary fix.

"We are getting individual cooling units that will go in each classroom we will acquire those either rent those or buy them out right," McClaren said.

McClaren said they will be talking with their construction manager and architect to see if there is something in the design they can fix since this school is only three years old. Also, McClaren said they aren't alone, two other districts in the area are also having problems getting parts from the company.