Local School Workers Attend Free Gun Training

As we near the two month anniversary of the Sandy Hook tragedy, about a dozen local school workers attended a free gun training course Saturday. The course fulfills their education requirement to apply for a concealed carry license.

The Second Amendment advocate group, OK2A, sponsored a class here and in Oklahoma City.

"It ought to at least be looked at to see whether that's a reasonable idea or not," said instructor Don Roberts of the possibility of lawmakers allowing armed faculty at schools.

"That depends on what Oklahoma does with the laws as far as educators and the education locations, but yes, I would consider carrying it [a gun] as a means of protecting myself and those that I am responsible for," said Memorial High School Swim Coach Joanna Bentley.

Half the class asked not be filmed.

"I don't think anybody wants to be seen as a vigilante," said Bentley. She said the workers simply want to learn.

Another school worker told us she attended the class for the sake of her own children. She wants them to be protected in school.

Roberts said residents should contact their legislators to voice their opinions on the issue.