Local Small Business Celebrating One Year Anniversary

In the past several months we have told you about big businesses coming to Owasso, such as Sam's Club and the Macy's distribution center. But small businesses are helping communities get those bigger stores interested. One small business celebrated its one year anniversary after taking a risk on opening in downtown Owasso.

The Flying Pig Vintage Market is seeing the benefits of opening their doors downtown.

"It's definitely starting to come around people love it," Owner, Malinda Palmer said.

Palmer said she came into this business with little nerves and thinks that's a good thing. She loved the location and could imagine what the property would bring. As for the city, they are glad to see these businesses picking other parts of the city.

"We are seeing it spread in both the north and south direction, which is great because we have seen business very central on the 96th corridor, which is continuing to grow so watching these small businesses, vain out into the northern and southern parts is only helping businesses grow," Economic Development Director Chelsea Levo said.

Smaller businesses do bring something different to the table, which is why Palmer believes this past year has been a success.

"I think it's the charm, personality, people are waiting something different. They want something that is unique, they want that unique gift, they don't want to see the same thing in every store," Palmer said.

Along with adding an employee, Palmer has been able to open an additional space on her property and has hosted two outdoor markets. She said you have to keep it fresh and change your items all the time because customers know when things have been sitting around for awhile. She hopes to see more people and businesses thinking of moving to downtown Owasso.

"You want them to want to come to Owasso. So, you want them to have other options," Palmer said.

The Flying Pig is open Tuesday through Sunday at 202 East 1st Street.