Local Stores Open for Grey Thursday

For the first time, stores are opening their doors a day early. Since Black Friday is now starting at the tail end of Thanksgiving, it's being called Grey Thursday. Toys R Us was one of the first places to open on Thursday night with deals. Hundreds of people waited in line some up to 12 hours just to get the items on their lists and save some money. Most of the shoppers said the wait doesn't matter when you are taking big savings.

"Especially when you are buying your expensive stuff because you can spend anywhere from three or four hundred dollars on something and when you get deals like this you can save up to two or three hundred dollars," says shopper, Chandra Hayman.
Hayman has five kids to shop for this season and says ever bit saved helps. Once she got inside the doors it was off to find the items she was after. When leaving the store Hayman said she found everything on her list and saved about two hundred dollars. Meaning her kids could get more items this year with all the savings. Even though she got the items she was after, Hayman says it's a big concern that shopping could get moved even earlier next year. At that point, she says she will have to think about coming out and waiting in line.
"If it starts cutting into my family time is obviously not that important it's something that can wait either that or I will be smart and get it before then if I miss the deal I miss the deal," says Hayman.
Toys R Us will stay open until Friday night at 10 P.M.