Local Stores Stocked With Supplies for Winter Stom

If you are procrastinating, you still have time to pick up supplies and the stores are stocked and ready.

At Midtown Hardware, they have everything to clear a driveway, de-ice a windshield and winterize your home. Today, customers were picking up shovels, and buying heaters, even fire starters for a cold weekend.

Midtown had plenty of ice melt because the last two winters have been mild. Icy cold weather will warm up their cash registers.

"We carried ice melt over the last couple of mild winters so we are well stocked right now, but if it actually gets bad like they say, it is it sells fast," said Mike Johnson, of Midtown Hardware.Things were selling fast at Reasors grocery store. Just before noon, lines were long and shelves were still stocked with basics. Managers say they started on Monday, ordering eggs milk and bread. In the storm of 2011, stores ran short because trucks could not travel.

This time an early forecast gave them time to stock up.