Local Stores Wanting You to Think About Them this Season

Thousands of people started their holiday shopping this weekend and some people are heading to local stores to keep their money close to home. On Saturday shopping local was part of Small Business Saturday. Some local store owners say they offer one thing the big chains can't.

Fleet Feet has been open in Tulsa for nine years. They offer anything you need for running, walking, or exercising. But they also offer personal old fashioned customer service. The employees make sure they measure your feet. Then each customer is put on their treadmill to see how you walk and run. That's how they find the perfect fit for you. At Fleet Feet they have no seasonal workers because the owners want to spend hours on training each employee so they can help you. But the big push for Small Business Saturday is that the money you spend will stay here because the owners live and shop here as well.
"We are the tax base. That's great if you want to buy online but you don't know where you are supporting. This is basically supporting education, roads, emergency services this is our community," says Co-Owner, Fleet Feet, Lori Dreiling.
Even though Fleet Feet is a locally owned store they are able to offer rewards programs for their customer. Dreiling says you should check your favorite local stores to see what they can offer. The busiest time of the season for small businesses are the two weeks before Christmas.