Local Street Drummer Brings a Unique Beat to Mayfest

Local street performer Jascha Tobias is making noise and turning some heads at Tulsa's annual Mayfest.

At Mayfest, it's not uncommon to see artists turn the unusual into works of art. Local street performer Jascha Tobias is no exception to the rule.

For the last few years, Tobias has been performing at Mayfest using a drum set made entirely of salvaged everyday items, using everything from sawblades to paint buckets.

Tobias got his start six years ago, after getting kicked out of another Downtown event, he found his way to Mayfest. Unfortunately his performances didn't hit the right note with folks at Mayfest, right away. He was asked to leave yet again, only to be asked to return a year later.

Jascha now has quite the following. Many people congregate around him wondering what exactly they're hearing. "They see me playing this thing and they're like, I wasn't expecting that," says Tobias. He adds, "They're thinking it's something else and they get here and see it's a bunch of junk, they just stand there and look at it."

Tobias says he will definitely be back at the festival next year.