Local Students Learn How Food Gets From Farm To Table

Tulsa students are getting a lesson about how food gets from the farm to their plates.

They're learning how vegetables are grown and raised by Oklahoma farmers, plus how dairy farms work.

They got a hands-on approach of milking cows and using worms in farming. They even got to make their own butter.

Nutritional experts say this is a way to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into their diets.

"It's a great way to understand where their food is coming from," says Andrea Lynch, a nutrition educator for Tulsa Public Schools. "When they understand where it's grown, about different varieties of food, they're more wiling to try these things," Lynch says. "It's important that they want to eat these things on a daily basis."

The students even got to make biodegradable pots and a starter vegetable plant to take home.

Students get to do this program once a year in the fall.