Local Students React to Syrian Confusion and Violence

Americans have quickly formed opinions in the debate over Syria. That includes your children. They have known the cost of international disputes.

Geography books only say so much about issues we are seeing in Syria. But one teacher has taken the topic and formed it into lesson teaching children about critical thinking.

K.Holland has been lecturing on Syria and the issues surrounding the country for weeks. She says the real life international crisis is an interesting topic to engage students. Today they had questions about U.S. missiles and their reach. They also had concerns about gas prices and the cost of food, if the confusion continues.

While we were there, students watched a news flash, suggesting that Syria might surrender chemical weapons, resulting in a peaceful resolution.

"It's important to understand what is going on in the world and in geography when we are studying it. I want them to understand who are our allies and who are not and what they need to be aware of that could potentially happen," explained K. Holland, Geography teacher at Clinton Middle School.

Syria is not the only tough topic. In just a couple of days, students will learn bout 9-11 on the anniversary.